Pichu Pichu

5 664 m. Duration: 2 days, Difficulty: Easy

NEVADO Pichu Pichu 5,664 m.

DURACION: 02 days and 01 night.

1er Day: Arequipa – Participants pick their accommodation for the trip in the direction of the Laguna Salinas (4,300 m / 3hours), at certain times of the year is the habitat of different migratory birds, as Parihuanas (flamencos), patillos varieties, Andean gulls, etc.; Also visit breeding llamas and alpacas and if we are lucky we can see herds of vicunas and guanacos. Then the vehicle will take us near the countryside, with a gentle hike arrive at Base Camp (4,700 m./3 hours).
2day: Base camp – Early climb to Coronado Summit (5,664 m / 4 hours), where we can appreciate a beautiful view of the Volcanic Cordillera. We can also see the ancient Inca platform where human sacrifices were performed; return al transport (1½ hour) then to go to Arequipa (3 hours). In return we Chiguata visit the town and its beautiful countryside.

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT: Sleeping bag, comfortable and warm clothes, gloves, hat, Sun hat, backpack to carry your belongings, Sun glasses, walking sticks, right shoes, bottle of water, small flashlight, binoculars and others not exceed in volume and weight.

COST: Write us for more information.

PRIVATE CLASS: Special Vehicles 4×4 round trip, mountain tents, insulation blankets, Security kit and equipment, foods (1 breakfast, 2 cold lunches and 1 price), dining tent, crockery, tent and cooking equipment, chef, porters for collective team, Aspiring guide (for more than 7 people), International Mountain Guide UIAGM.
CLASS PULL: transport 4×4 round trip, thermal tents, insulation blankets, foods (solo 1 breakfast and 1 basic dinner), Aspiring guide or Mountain Guide. additional Porteador

HEIGHT: 5,664 m.


It is located east of the city of Arequipa, next to the beautiful Laguna de Salinas, It is one of the 3 mountains that are facing the city of Arequipa.
MAPS: Peru National Charter Characato Sheet.
DIFFICULTY: Median, but in its final ridge there are many unstable rocks.
SEASON: It is possible to climb this mountain throughout the year, but from January to March is frequent snowfall and there is a lot of fog.
DESCRIPTION: This mountain is of volcanic origin and is the oldest volcano in this area, erosion has left several peaks that can be uploaded and are of varying difficulty; near the road from Arequipa to Puno you can climb the Pico Simbral it is very easy, in the center is the main summit, There have been discovered some mummified Inca children ofrendados Mountain, as well as other offerings, you can visit the ceremonial platform.
ROUTES: It will reach the base by the Arequipa road – A lot, in 3 a 4 Travel in 4 hours×4. And it will pass alongside the Laguna de Salinas, there will be paid by the central part, to the mountain, to where the trail ends. Then he will walk 3 hours until the base of the central ridge, where the camp will be installed. The next day climb to the summit 5 hours and return to transportation to return to the city of Arequipa.
NOTE: For this program is required to have good acclimatization