Ubiunas volcano

5 672 m. Duration: 2 days, Difficulty: Easy


HEIGHT: 5,672 m.

LOCATION: East of the city of Arequipa on the border of the Department of Moquegua passing the Laguna de Salinas Valley landscape Ubinas and the highlands of the famous Lake Salinas is located.

MAPS: The National Charter, the sheet Ichuña and Characato.

DIFFICULTY: Easy to visit Crater and Medium to climb the main summit.

DURACION: 2 days 1 night.

SEASON: The best time is from April to December, but it is possible precautions rise in January to March rainy season and fog.

DESCRIPTION: This volcano is one of the most active of Peru, currently it maintains a fumarole activity, where he sheds large amounts of steam and gases, coming out making a loud noise crater. The trip to the base approach is very interesting, as it goes through the beautiful lagoon of Salinas, likewise the road passes through several rooms where they breed alpacas and llamas.
The ascent is very easy to visit Crater, but it is very difficult to climb to the summit, as some lava walls must climb.

ROUTES: the road from Arequipa to Puno will be taken, to the height of the Laguna de Salinas, where the road that runs along the right bank of Lake Salinas and continue along the road to the town of Ubinas be taken, Approximate trip 6 4 hours×4 or other strong vehicle. The base camp will be installed at the base of the mountain 4,700 m.

The second day we will go on 4 hours to the crater and the descent is less than 1 time and then 4 horas de viaje en vehículo retornaremos a la ciudad de Arequipa.